My shining star – Leigh Anne (Knutson) Bartlett

We all have a special person in our life, someone with whom we connect, someone we love. Someone who, though some time may pass between visits, we can pick right up and feel completely at ease. Someone who makes us smile at just the thought of them. They’re a shining star in our lives.

Mary was truly a shining star in my life. And judging by all the wonderful messages, I know I’m not alone.

I was 5 years old when she asked me to be the flower girl in her first wedding. She was so gorgeous with her long blond hair and smiling eyes. Like a movie star! She made me feel so special and valued, and I still have the little cross pendant she gave me. From then on, any time I saw her, we had a special connection. At St. Timothy’s she was my Sunday School teacher, where she taught me to memorize the books of the Bible (which still comes in handy for Bible study!) and was so gracious to invite me to some of her other special occasions. When I got married she gave me a wonderful plaque which reads “Plenty & grace be to this place” which I’ve had by my front door for 24 years. I always think of her when I see it. Whenever we had a wedding, funeral or special anniversary at St. Tim’s, I just couldn’t wait to see her, get a big, hearty hug and catch up with my beautiful friend. I love her so much.

Of all the people to leave this world, I’m so sorry it had to be our Mary. By the same token, I rejoice knowing exactly where she is, spending time with her precious parents (and Grandpa Dversdall!) and in the presence of our Lord and Savior. What a wonderful reunion.

Sending love and prayers for peace and comfort to Richard, Erick, Cara and Greg.

Leigh Anne (Knutson) Bartlett

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