My Favorite Smile – Connie Pierce

My dear friend Mary was my dental patient first and of course  became much more  to both me and my staff. Her bright blue eyes,  her ready smile and the laughter in her voice was the best part of any day that was graced by Mary. We were inspired by her passion and commitment to sharing love and relieving suffering in the world at great sacrifice physically , financially and emotionally. Yet, she would return with her oil lamp full and reenergized to bring her light to the darkness in the world. Mary called me at the office to share that her sojourn here on earth was coming to an end, to tell me how much I meant to her as a friend and thank me for the care  and support I had provided on her behalf and for her mission work. That is just who she was. She has been told that it is time to bring in hospice and her heart is turned toward those that she wants to express love and gratitude for. I will keep you in my heart always and look forward to the reunion, your friend, Connie Pierce

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