Sunshine – Kerry Knutson Smith

Mary and her family came to serve at our church back in the late 60’s.  My first impression was that beautiful, thick, long blonde hair.  On top of that she was sweet and nice.  And always smiling.  Our families grew close like good Lutheran church families do.  We watched her go through happy times and challenging times, too, but her faith spirit and strength always got her through.  We loved it when she and Richard got together – they made a great if not unlikely couple, her saying their kids were “Norwegicans”, such a funny girl!  We’d keep in touch over the years, and seeing her from time to time always felt like home.  Thinking of Mary makes my heart happy – seeing all the pictures and reading all the posts reflects all the love she gave and got back.  Shows all the facets of her sparkling and feisty personality.  And that faith… has blessed my heart, especially over these past tough years.  She was always a delight to be around, lots of hugs, smiles, and laughing.  If the sun had a face, it would be hers.  Much love to her loves ❤️❤️❤️ From Kerry Knutson Smith

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