Remembering My Sister – Anita

My sister Mary is three years older than me and was my mentor as a young girl.  She was always so enthusiastic and passionate about everything she did.  She was involved and well liked.  In high school she was a cheerleader, a homecoming and prom princess, involved in service clubs that reached out to help others, and found time to practice the organ and become very accomplished at that!  And always involved in church activities.  I was so proud when someone said “Oh you’re Mary’s sister.”  That meant so much.  I wanted to be like her.

That passion and enthusiasm was there in college and in her many years of teaching.  She put her heart and soul into those children.  I imagine many of them remember her with great fondness.  She loved her students and they knew it.

After retiring she found new passions and dived in.  Her Bible Study group was so important to her.  And GoGo Grandmothers – we loved to hear her share her work with them.  My sister Gail and I were amazed at her travels to Africa, those endless hours on an airplane, and traveling to such a remote part of the world to give her heart and soul to those dear people!

Her passion and enthusiasm for her family never waned.  As for our children and grandchildren, she was always interested in what they were doing and always lavishing them with love and gifts.  As our granddaughter Riley faced her battle with cancer Mary had her Bible Study Group, her GoGo Grandmothers, her church family, and everyone else she knew, praying for our Riley.  And our Riley is doing very well.  At our last visit with Mary she asked about our children and grandchildren – and excited for all the news we shared.

Needless to say, her passion and enthusiasm for her own children and husband were greatest of all.  She was so proud of all of them and loved them with all her heart.  She spoke with such pride of their accomplishments and their many gifts.  And I’m so thankful that each of her children carries some of Mary’s best gifts – love, passion and enthusiasm!  She lives on in them!



4 thoughts on “Remembering My Sister – Anita

  1. Love you, Anita – been praying for you and GAIl, that sister thing is one of God’s great gifts, and watching you sisters over the years has been a joy ❤

  2. Dear anita. I was so sorry to hear this news. I remember your sIster in high school as you and i were in the class of 69. My CONDOLENCES fOr your loss. So very sad. With prayer and sympAthy, Mary notis

  3. Gail and Annita,
    I am so sad tohear about Mary.she was always so kind and friendly. I went to your dads chUrcH in west sacramento and also went to the same high school as Mary. She graduated with my sister Millie and I was class of ’68’ anitta what you wrote about Mary is how i remember her. Oh! I do remember your dad did noy want her to run for Homecoming qween, but i think your home talked to him.
    How blessed we all our to have Mary iN our life. God bless you and Her family and my God be with you at this very sad time in your life.

    God bless, Kathy Linares ( klink)

  4. So sorry that I had to miss Mary’s service and visit with you, gail and the rest of the family. My heart goes out to each and every one of you during this tough and very sad time. sending all my love, robin

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