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“Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.”– Nehemiah 8:10b
Thank you Mary!

Nothing describes Mary Escamilla better than this verse! Mary was our San Diego Inland Gogo Leader and she always seemed to have a song of praise to God behind her smile. Often in conversations she would spontaneously sing to make her point. “Sing Out Loud!” could be the caption under most pictures of Mary — and because Mary loved Gospel music, many of her conversations ended with her singing a hardy Aaaaaaaaaaamen!

When Mary got cancer she would say, “I am either going to be a cancer survivor or I am going to meet Jesus. Either way it’s a win-win!” You could actually watch Mary’s joy of the Lord grow stronger as her body grew weaker, and she realized she would soon be with Jesus. Mary went to be with the Lord February 25th with her loved family around her. Her memorial will be March 18th at 11AM at Penasquitos Lutheran Church in San Diego.

Mary left a strong legacy — here and in Malawi! She went to Malawi the first time to teach young women how to make washable menstrual pads so they would not miss school and fall behind. Then she went on a second trip to introduce our Bible banners into our preschools in Malawi — some of the most impactful discipleship and learning tools we have for children. Most of all, here and in Africa, Mary left a legacy of her love for Jesus Christ and her joy of the Lord that has left us all stronger!

You can see more about how much she gave by checking out the donation page. -Erick (son)

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