A Letter From Kenya – Norah and Laban

I received this email from some friends of my Mother’s from Kenya. I thought I would share it here:

Dear Erick,

Although its pain to loose your loved one but all in all mary is know in heaven where she will leave with no pain again.

Im Norah from Kenya. Mary was my good friend. We just meet outside the supermarket. She was waiting for their leader outside and I was standing next to her. Then she asked me alot of quistion about that at the same time I was waiting my husband who was also shopping for our children home. When he come we introduce ourself and she invited us to go for their children ministry party.

We went to that party she really welcome us and we had a good time to talk to her about our ministry of orphans children.

When she went back home she promised me she will come back and she will get time to come and see our children home, all in all that was not God plan.

The last mail she send to us [was your] family picture and say to me ‘Norah that is my family picture I would love you to put where the children can see always’ I put it on the wall of children’s house. It was Erick, Gregory, Cara your girl friends and your Dad.

Erick I’m sorry I have written for you long story just because I don’t want that friendship I was having with your Mum to fade, lets continue to be family friends and we are trusting God one day you will fulfill the dream of your Mum of coming to Kenya and come to see our children home.

That we have decided to change the name of our children home to MaryDescamilla Memorial Children’s Home for her remembrance.


Norah and Laban

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