Smiling,Vibrant,Mary–Julie Florkowski,friend

I met Mary a long time ago (1997 or 1998,I think) when I attended the PLC Women’s retreat . We went to a place in Julian & it was snowing & cold,but Mary’s personality made it a warm place to be. During that retreat,she gave her testimony & it was impressive.

The next year,we went to AlHattie in Idylwild & she was in a carpool with me & a couple of other ladies. I thoroughly enjoyed her company while on our journey there & back. During the retreat, she was enthusiastic about all of the activities ( i.e. worship,singing,games,crafts,speaker,small groups,etc.). I ate a few meals at a table with her and she always had funny and fascinating comments. Her laughter was contagious and I will always remember her wonderful sense of humor.

Over the years,we were together at several events at PLC. My most vivid memories of her are when she spoke to various groups and/or the entire congregation about GoGo Grandmothers. She was so dedicated & enthusiastic about their cause. Then,about 2 years ago, she invited me to attend a GoGo meeting with her. After attending a few times,I decided to join the group of ladies who are just as beautiful, faithful, loving  and dedicated as Mary was.

I will miss her shining face, beautiful smile, good humor, distinctive laugh,and her genuine love of the Lord, whom she continually spoke about to all whom she met. I know that she is enjoying her eternity with the Lord now.


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